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Caged Inside

Released on all major media platforms February 26, 2021 with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves, "Caged Inside" is a look at the struggle we sometimes face within ourselves. Those times when we're trying to appear happy or "put together", but there's this voice of doubt, anger, and hostility that is constantly trying to push its way to the front. It wants to come out and play but... Surely, we know better."'

- James Tangman of Pardon The Scars






Influenced by the likes of 90′s alternative rock and metal legends such as Alter  Bridge, Foo Fighters, and Chevelle, this four-piece hails all the way from  Pensacola, Florida. Similar to their influences, Pardon The Scars creates a heavy  and intimidating soundscape before breaking the tension with James Tangman’s  compelling croons. With hints of nu-metal, grunge, and stoner rock, this group  does not hold back...

— Riley Rowe, Alternative Nation


Pardon The Scars hits the melodic aggressive sound of rock as they cut through the wire with their single “Caged Inside”. Their signature sound is undeniably a blend of 90’s metal spun together with progressive modern motion. “Caged Inside” seeks to break through the barriers and markedly strikes the identity of what Pardon The Scars is unleashing. Having recently joined forces with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves, you can hear and feel what Pardon The Scars’ single “Caged Inside” is bringing to the world of rock n roll power.

-Bobby Caughron,


Rising from the rock n roll bed of Florida, Pardon the Scars shows just what a new hard rock band can produce in sound – “Caged Inside”. A fever pitch of certain hard rock sound is the delivery Pardon the Scars is showing with this release, what is to come holds much promise if this is the tip of what they can deliver. A markedly well-done piece of music.

– Blake Riche, Music Matters Magazine


Pensacola has seen its fair share of angsty musical exports over the years. It may be time to add one more  group to that list. just named local four-piece rockers  Pardon The Scars to its latest installment of bands to watch.

— Staff Reports, Pensacola News Journal

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